YEBO Technology Sdn. Bhd.’s mission is to establish our organization as the major and reputable supply and service Company serving the needs of our customers. YEBO Technology Sdn. Bhd.’s wish to undertake a wide scope of trading projects mainly involved with the information technology, survey, security and the commercial sectors.


YEBO Technology Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to be honest and professional in our commitments to provide the best overall service to our customers. The company has uncompromising attitude towards quality expectations and is result orientated. YEBO Technology Sdn. Bhd. also has a firm attitude towards quality and deadlines with the Managing Partner personally involved throughout all projects from the beginning to completion. Through project meetings and reporting, the meeting of deadlines and quality expectations are better assured. More importantly also is the avoidance of cost escalation as problems are well-anticipated and immediate attention given.


YEBO Technology Sdn Bhd has established a high level of networking within the industry and has maintained an excellent relationship with various manufacturers, partners and principals. This has contributed significantly to the successful completion of all projects undertaken by the company and to the satisfaction of our customers.